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Life Insurance

Key Considerations

You have probably heard various radio ads from some term life brokerage firms touting impartial selection and cheaper rates than ALL other providers.  While I do believe they may be impartial, I also know that they have the EXACT SAME RATES that I have to offer from many of the exact same carriers.  So, contrary to their implications, they simply do not have "exclusive" rates that are unique to their respective organizations (i.e - rates lower than anyone else)!!!

Never forget that I work for YOU.  I am an independent agent working on your behalf and I am not obligated to any insurance carrier.  I am associated with several industry leading life brokerage firms and have complete access to the top insurance companies in the country!

Plus, I can offer permanent coverages as well to help meet any savings, college funding and retirement goals that you may have.  The key is to locate the right insurance carrier for YOU. 


Unfortunately, a lot of agents will try to quote "super preferred rates" without exploring your personal situation.  Then, they will come back and say that they are sorry but you were not able to qualify for these low rates and that now you should definetly take a much more explensive policy that carries a much lower classification.  Conversely, I will match you to the life insurance carrier that will be the most receptive to your unique demographics, health conditions, family history, height & weight build, smoking status, etc. and provide you with much more accurate quotes so you can make a clear informed decision.


Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance comes in many different shapes and sizes. The information below offers comprehensive explanations of the different types of life insurance available on the market today.










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